Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth consists mainly of amorphous active silica. Diatomaceous Earth is very light in weight and off-white to creamish-white in color. Natural Diatomaceous Earth is selectively mined, crushed, dried and classified to provide uniform product it has no other chemical treatment. We offer Diatomaceous Earth Powder and Diatomaceous Earth Lumps as per the demand of the clients. Diatomaceous Earth, offered by us, is widely used in Agriculture and other industries. We can handle the bulk orders of Diatomaceous Earth without any hesitation.


Chemical Composition –


The chemical composition Analysis for our diatomaceous earth are as follows –


S.No. Parameters Result
1 SiO2 88.52%
2 Al2O3 4.19%
3 Fe2O3 1.34%
4 CaO 1.48%
5 MgO 0.21%
6 LOI 1.55


Remarks – Above tests results  are on Dry basis.