Baryte Ore largely occurs naturally in grey colour and this colour Baryte is used in Oil, Gas & Drilling industries both onshore and offshore. The best quantity of Baryte in the world for the drilling industries is supplied from India.

This product was marketed by Shashi Minerals  as pioneers, leading to the predominant use of this colour Baryte in Oil, Gas & Drilling Industries. IBC Ltd has a long history of supply grey Baryte of India in Bulk to US Gulf & Middle East markets.


PRODUCT: BARITE as API specifications and according to O.C.M.A specifications D.F.C.P-3

 COLOR-  Grey

 GRADE: API 13A/ ISO 13500: 2009

Sr.No. parameter Specification Test Result
1 Specific Gravity 4.20 gr/cm3  min 4.221 gr/cm³
2 Soluble Alkaline Earth Metals As Calcium: (Alkalinity) 200 ppm 43 ppm
3 Residue greater than 200 mesh Up to 3% max 2.14%
4 Residue  greater  than  325 mesh Up to 15% max 5%